The One In The Middle (Is The Green Kangaroo)

shut up and get in the pouch.

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Anonymous asked: Where do you hang out where people say Thranduil is right? Elves usually are wiser due to their long lives, its canon that Thranduil is wise. He was right in his thoughts about the dwarves anyway, Thorin proved their prejudices all correct. You have a bias if you can't see this.

Anon I want you to do me a favor.

Look up the maneuvers of King Oropher and his warriors during the battle/s of the last alliance.

Then I want you to read the entirity of the Silmarillion.

Then you should sit in a corner and think about how utterly, depressingly wrong you are about both the definition of ‘wise’ and how Thranduil is not it.

Once you have completed these tasks, Anon, it would be wise of you to remember that Thranduil only showed up at Erebor in order to loot a cultural treasure he had literally no right to.

You should, somewhere in there, reread the mistakes that led to the sacking of Menegroth, and think even more on how Thranduil’s biases- currently directed at the wrong clans of dwarves- are bullshit.

Then I would be much oblidged if you would get off my blog, you rabble-rousing muskrat.

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