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turned off anon asks, folks

I can’t be trusted not to blow my stack 

in a really nasty way 

so I’m sorry to those of you who like to prompt me on anon, and those people who follow me on tumblr but don’t have an account themselves. For right now, you’re either going to have to use your real username or find another way to contact me. 

I will likely open the askbox to anons in the future, but I legimitately can’t trust myself to not be really cruel right now and I don’t want to subject anyone to that because they don’t deserve it even if they’re douchebag anons. 

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Anonymous asked: you know noldor aren't really and there's no noldor bias right that's some rape apologist bullshit since noldor aren't real but tolkien is and tolkien wrote them that way because that's the characters he wanted them to be wow shocker

My dear anon, as I work for a living I don’t have as much time as I would like to school you on how hilariously incorrect you are. So, consider this: despite commiting genocide, threatening family members, betraying said family members over arbitrary bullshit like being born (looking at you Feanor) starting wars for revenge against all logical arguements, waltzing back to arda and colonizing where they were not wanted, everyone loves them some Noldor.

There are of course fans who acknowledge these massive problems and consider the flaws. Some write meta on the politics of the Noldor, others create wonderfully flawed headcanons.

You are clearly none of those.

I must also point out that in Tolkien’s myriad of writings, only one obscure work cites rape in the case of Eol and Aredhel. Later on, as he changed the origin of the orcs, Tolkien decided that rape would reduce an elf to fading- that the very act itself would be so horrid it would cause them to die emotionally and wilt physically.

In the context of ‘Of Maeglin’ as printed in the Silmarillion, Aredhel is alive and well. Yes, the Silmarillion was pieced together by Christopher Tolkien and editors, in order to make a coherent story. Which means that the non-rapey version of Eol made a coherent story. As opposed to the half-assed rapey one who never had any real grounding in logic anyway (not that anything in Beleriand has grounds in logic but that’s another story.) 

 What is important to take away here is that as a writer Tolkien backtracked so much it’s amazing his son could even make sense of the pieces. Some might argue that there is a ‘pure’ version of the history. Those few are delusional. Let the crazy diamonds shine on. 

So do me a favor, oh well meaning Anon. Namely, take your rape apologist bullshit and shove it up your posterior, while you exit my blog you cowardly little fuck.


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