The One In The Middle (Is The Green Kangaroo)

shut up and get in the pouch.

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making up elf children based on their parents is ridiculous

it’s like 

'what color is your hair'

'okay now what color is YOUR hair'

'right multicolored it is'

This message brought to you by Eol as first son of Finwe and Miriel and his black-and-pale streaky skin, silver-and-black multistranded hair, and general ridiculousness. 

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Look I don’t think Thingol is perfect, and he made some fucked up decisions, but I am a huge supporter of his and in most, if not all, matters of him vs Noldor I am going to side with him. Controversial or not, I think he made some damn solid decisions and was a good king and did what was best for his people. Of course he’s going to prioritize them over the Noldor. That’s his job.

Yeah, I’m with Thingol. 

Not in all aspects, but I can’t arguably be with ANYONE in the Silmarillion in all aspects, because reason seems to be something that the first age elves lack and the second age elves never learned. 


Thingol did have a Kingdom to protect, he was suddenly facing an ARMY (and yes, it was an army) full of people who all thought they knew better, coming into a situation that presumably they had no intel on, to stir up a hornet’s nest that was ALREADY constantly stinging people. And to make it better, they decided to move in, and we can safely assume they displaced other tribes of elves who had been living in their chosen kingdoms. 

The banning of quenya and the obvious preference of Finarfin’s children over Feanor and Fingolfin’s was kinda bullshit and hypocritical 

but the dude had to have his wife erect a magic barrier to keep everything from crumbling. 

I’m with him. 

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